Campus Resources

The following resources are for supporting both mental and physical health. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, contact the University Police at (360) 650-3911 or call 911.

Alcohol & Drug Consultation and Assessment Services (ADCAS) 

ADCAS is a confidential, professional service for Western students who want assistance or information regarding their own use or someone else’s use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, or other drugs. Specific individual services available to students include: one to one discussion of personal use issues; concerns about friends, family members, partners, or roommates; support for cutting back or quitting; and referral to appropriate campus and community support, counseling or treatment resources.

Old Main 560C // (360) 650-6865


Consultation and Sexual Assault Support (CASAS) 

CASAS is a safe, confidential resource for students who have been affected, or know someone who has been affected, by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking or sexual harassment.  Services include professional consultation, counseling and support groups, and medical, legal and academic advocacy.

Old Main 585B // (360) 650-3700


Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center provides confidential counseling, including crisis appointments and after-hours emergency services. There is an on-call counselor available 24 hours a day.

The Counseling Center offers various groups and workshops that students can access.

  • Coping Skills Workshop: A three-part educational workshop where students learn practical tools for coping with distress. Three sections (Calming Body and Mind, Increasing Mindfulness, and Managing Emotional Distress) are offered in rotation through the quarter. Students can just show up, no sign-up in advance is necessary. Students are encouraged to attend all three sessions in any order.
  • Men’s Group: The purpose of this offering is to provide a place for men to meet and discuss issues relevant to their lives, their identities, and their senses of self. Participating will increase your awareness as you learn from and relate to other men on campus.
  • Mindfulness Group: This group is for people who want to find balance, explore mood and anxiety concerns, and improve emotional health through meditation, breath and body movement, and thoughtful discussion.


For more information on these groups and others, please visit the Counseling Center’s Groups webpage!

Old Main 540 // (360) 650-3164


Dean of Students Office/Student Life  

Staff members in the office are available to provide general assistance with problem solving and referrals; to support students in crisis; to advise students on university policies and procedures, and to process reports made against perpetrators without the obligation of filing a police report.

Viking Union 506 // (360) 650-3706 //


Prevention and Wellness Services 

Prevention and Wellness Services (PWS) offers Western students opportunities to get involved in improving their own health and the health of their community.  PWS offers numerous professional and peer-led health promotion programs that can help students achieve optimal well-being and specific services to those who may face challenges to their well-being, such as alcohol and drug concerns or sexual assault.  PWS services include CASAS (Consultation and Sexual Assault Support), ADCAS (Alcohol & Drug Consultation & Assessment Services), Sexual Health Information sessions, and the Peer Health Educator program.

Old Main 560 // (360)-650-2993 //


Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides confidential health care.

Campus Services Building // (360) 650-3400 //


University Police

In an emergency, students can call (360) 650-3911.

For non-emergency situations, call (360) 650-3555.